A History and Guide to a Yorkshire Village and a Parallel World

A Book to be published shortly....

A scholar pursuing a childhood passion uncovers a package hidden away in the depths of a dusty bookshop. Unwrapping a strange manuscript; on impulse he steals it. Further research uncovers an incomplete history of a West Yorkshire village belonging to a parallel world that inexplicably overlaps with our own.

Is it real or the ravings of a troubled mind?

Is the scientific world ready for this revelation or should it remain a secret?

He shares his discovery with a colleague shortly before his untimely death.

The world of Thorntichronicon appears to be exaggerated and intense, the events that unfold spectacular, extreme and surreal. The whole produces an impression of what must be a ‘fantastic, bewildering and exhausting place in which to live!’

Ancient myths and legends, tales of supernatural happenings, forewarnings of apocalypse, revolution, religious mania, comic farce and horror are described and illustrated.

Could such things really happen in such a quiet village? Go and explore it for yourself with Thorntichronicon as your guide

The beautifully illustrated limited edition hard back Thorntichronicon will be available to buy at £24.99
or it can be ordered via the website with addition post and packaging currently £3.25 in the UK

The Thorntichronicon ebook is available from Amazon at £5.99 and Kindleunlimited here



Saturday 24th June is the Launch date for Thorntichronicon at Thornton Community Centre from 2pm until 8pm ...more

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