Daniel Shiel – Adventures Through Abandoned Landscapes

By Patternbank On April 3, 2013 · In Graphics
Daniel Shiel’s professional training as an archaeologist in the UK puts his photographic work into context, though he can trace his preoccupations back to childhood holidays exploring historical and industrial landscapes.The subjects he photographs have ‘minor histories’; from their creation to destruction, from usefulness to abandonment. He extracts specific details from photographic images, isolating them from their original context. These provide ‘materials’ or ‘pallets’ which are combined, using collage.The resulting structures attempt to define and express the uncertain sensations and responses experienced during his explorations. They may have a surrealist quality; becoming remote landscapes and settings of questionable and unsettling perspective and narrative.Patternbank loves the visual feast these collective images deliver. Distressed texture highlights intricate, vintage, typography or frames the surprising placements of architectural features. Visit Daniel’s website to see more.